10 Million Birr Financial Support Given to Political Parties

22 Feb

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) said it has made financial assistance to political parties, which have seats in federal and regional parliaments.

Public Relations and Coordination Head with NEBE, Yeshi Fekade told ENA over the weekend that the Board has provided a 10 million Birr financial support to the political parties in 2004 EC for doing their day-to-day activities.

Yeshi said the board provided the money to the political parties from government budget in accordance with the amended proclamation on the registration of political parties.

The money was provided to 10 political parties, she said, adding, the amount of money which each party gets depends on the number of seats each party has in the parliaments.

The money was deposited in the bank accounts of the respective parties.

The financial support is aimed at helping the political parties to develop the awareness of the public in politics and introduce the aims of their respective political parties to the public thereby enhance the active participation of the public in political activities.

EPRDF, the Somali People Democratic Party, the Benishangul-Gumuz People Democratic Party, the Afar National Democratic Party and the Gambella Peoples Unity Democratic Movement are included among the parties which received the finacial assistance.

According to ENA, the Harari National League, the Argoba People Democratic Organization, Forum for Demiocratic Dialogue in Ethiopia-Medrek, the Coalition for Unity and Democracy and the All Ethiopian Unity Organization are also included.

According to Yeshi, 10 million Birr financial support was also provided to political parties in 2003 EC.



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