Ethiopian Maid beheaded bride-to-be as revenge for mistreatment

21 Nov

Kuwait – The Ethiopian maid who severed the head of her employer with an axe on Thursday, has admitted responsibility for the crime. She says the murder was deliberately planned as revenge for the mistreatment she had suffered in the Kuwaiti home.
On Thursday night, an Ethiopian maid murdered a young Kuwaiti woman who was due to be married the next day. The maid has now been identified as Aisha Al-Failakawi and has admitted that the crime was deliberate, in order to take revenge on the family that employed her. Waiting until the young woman was asleep, Failakawi severed her head with an axe.
According to the Arab Times, Failakawi told the Kuwait prosecution service she took advantage of the fact that the victim was sleeping. Emirates 247 reported she said
“On Thursday, the house was empty except for the girl…I went to the kitchen, got an axe and went into her bed room, where she was asleep…when I hit her on the chest, she woke up and started screaming and resisting, so I grabbed her and hit her on the neck…I kept hitting her until her head was cut off.”
The 28-year-old-maid had had murder in mind for a month, but did not have the opportunity until Thursday. After a police interrogation, she confessed claiming that she was avenging the mistreatment she had suffered at the hands of the victim’s father. She said
“On Wednesday, my employer rebuked and shouted at me for not cleaning the house properly…on that day, I decided to quickly carry out my plan.”
She said that the family had treated her badly and threatened to send her home to Ethiopia. She did not elaborate on the kind of mistreatment that had been meted out by the victim’s father. The murderer said she had planned to slit her own wrists after killing the girl but instead changed her mind. She explained
“I washed the blood off, got dressed, packed my things and went out to the street, where I got a taxi to the airport….as I was about to buy a ticket, a police man came and arrested me.”
According to figures cited by the Arab Times, 20 percent of the population of Kuwait comprises migrant housemaids, and of those 10 percent are estimated to suffer some kind of exploitation. They report “thousands will run away each year to their embassies complaining of mistreatment and abuse, non-payment of wages, or overwork.” Apparently the situation has become such an issue that the Kuwait government is establishing a hotline so foreign housemaids can report abuse, as well as building a 700 place shelter for runaway housemaids that have suffered mistreatment.

On Tuesday another Ethiopian housemaid died after her Kuwaiti employer beat her for a week.



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    […] Ethiopian Maid beheaded bride-to-be as revenge for mistreatment […]

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