Dawit, CPJ International Press Freedom 2010 Awarded Journalist joined the exiled

21 Nov

[Updated]Dawit Kebede Updated his facebook city and living address. 15 hours ago to DC.(Washington, Distrct of Colombia).
One of his facebook friend, Nebiyu asked Dawit about the change

Nebiyu Sirak:  Dave , curreent city update ? Washington, District of Columbia ? are you doing fine ? . . .what i heard and read is . . .Anyhow God bless you !
Dawit Kebede replied:

Nebiyu, Then what can we do? This country belongs to Shimeles and Mimi sebhatu.

One friend of mine asked me what it means “Dawit Kebede Updated his facebook city and living address 15 hours ago to DC., and concerned me whether this could confuse others.

Unless otherwise specified by another dawit status, it means: Dawit is gone for good, away from his homeland to DC. Period. 

According to Dawit, Tuesday 22 Nov 2011 morning confirmation

I was supposed to be jailed today! But thanks God, I escaped away. Now, Nobody will intercepts my phone and brought dozens of terrorism charges against me here. I am not under continues surveillance. For Mr. Zenawi, exercising the ABC of journalism in Ethiopia is giving platforms for “terrorists”. Shame on them.

Dawit was one of the first journalists to be jailed for independent reporting on Ethiopia‘s 2005 election violence. And he was among the last to be released under a presidential pardon nearly two years later. Unlike many of his colleagues who went into exile, Dawit chose to stay in Ethiopia after he walked free from Addis Ababa‘s Kality Prison, where he had been crammed into a communal cell with 350 political prisoners. The government rebuffed DAwit’s attempts to get a publishing license after his release but relented in the face of public pressure. Kebede launched the Awramba Times in 2008, and today it is the country’s only Amharic-language newspaper that dares question authorities. “Here are three things people should know about me,” Dawit says. “First, it is impossible for me to live without the life I have as a journalist. Second, unless it becomes a question of life and death, I will never be leaving Ethiopia. Third, I am not an opposition. As a journalist, whatsoever would be a governing regime in Ethiopia, I will never hesitate from writing issues criticizing it for the betterment of the nation.”


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    […] Dawit, CPJ International Press Freedom 2010 Awarded Journalist joined the exiled […]

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