Preview of Dr. Negaso Gidada’s Biographic book

27 Jul

Former Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic president, Negaso Gidada biographic book by the name “Negaso’s Path/Route ” /Yenegas Menged/ was published on July 2011.

Negas mentioned in the book that he had been fooled for solid 10 years by his former party ‘EPRDF, who throw Socialism beneath table’ in 1984E.C. [next year to their victory over Derg] and the pure guide of Capitalism in the party was one hell of a sudden for Negaso. And; the main reason for him to leave the party was this neglected ideology [people still argue that capitalism is not a philosophy but a kind of natural Phenomenon].

Negaso book was written by journalist Daniel Tefera. The book goes through Negaso birth at Dembidolo to Addis Abeba University youth movement, to politics at Germany, until membership to EPRDF[the latest twenty years ruling party] and presidency, to his current opposition leadership standing at UDJ /Unity for Democracy and Justice/ central committee.

Accordign to him, before his nomination and appointment, Wro. Genet was nominated for presidency primarily but rejected [since a female candidate is new approach to EPRDF], & left it there. The argument was ‘Do Ethiopian people have the readiness to accept female president?. [As could be guessed, the question was not gender; but Genet was from the Ethinic EPRDF donot wish to entertain sharing power in ‘its long way to Freedom’ journey] . Nevertheless; shortly, Genet have offered her lenience to Ato Meles by crying out loud ……………. “no nooooooooooooooooooo……Meles is not any similar to Mengistu, in response to Negaso’s rebuff on Meles Tyranny style on the stage”.

The right for self determination up to secession theory remains to be Negaso’s stand.[ as EPRDF stipulated it in Article 39th of the constitution]. He argues still ‘stipulated rights for secession’ and ‘secession’ as different scenarios; and promotes self determination up to secession as one of ‘the democratic path’ for peaceful resolution. [Professor Mesfin Weldemariam argument comes here; how come a man be allowed to be higher executive committee official in party UDJ with ‘secession’ meditation?, Let alone higher rank, the two retired EPRDFs (Sieye and Negaso) don’t qualify to be members]

Journey to presidency.

“One day at dusk or dawn Kuma invited me to attend the immediate session to be held at his home, at Bole where Hassen Ali and Aba Dula Gemeda were presented. After a while, they told me that ‘all EPRDF officials instructed to nominate their candidate and should be from their frontier. As they told me, from OPDO, they have nominated one, expected to qualify, be it in age, education and/or ideology; but was rejected suddenly due to his religious belief. [As old News papers used to predict, it was, Proffessor Ahmed/ Mohammed, the Medical Doctor from OPDO ……………I apologies for forgetting his name;…………… again this time the argument was still ‘the people readiness’ …………]

Another candidate was nominated from south; but again rejected; this time the rejection was different. It is ‘his background’. EPRDF donot know well about his background, it was Teketel Forsido, former Agriculture Minster, who is later pushed and lowered even to Ambassadorial lever due to incompetence as officially announced later.

After long explanation and further talks with Kuma, Hassen & Abadula; Negaso still seems repulsive to their honorable nominations. Negaso’s claims were, he was 51, and energetic still and don’t want to retire in presidency. The Transitional Government President & the current PM ,Meles then involved in persuasion process. Meles convincing methodology was ‘the presidential work requires only 15% of dedication for formality procedures’.

“EPRDF last accusation on my stay was unconvincing ones”. The label was ‘sentimental attachment’ and ‘coup d’état conspiracy’ together with the rejected TPLF factions. “I have clearly defended myself by pointing out the faction faults instead. One, the faction should have not rejected the TPLF central committee meeting with an excuse of preconditions. Two, they had a chance to reinstate their position by ‘pardon procedure’. And etc,……….. Defending my position, I personally wrote to Meles about the rumors going around the palace. For instance; one of the accusations were, my meeting with Gebru and Tewelde. The second, my questions to Tsadkan about the security of the palace were the other baseless gossips. And; talk with Negash (Walta) about to invite journalists for press conferences were also the add-ups”.

One day, we have asked Meles about the endowment ownership and he replied firmly that the property and the remaining cash at bank is the property of TPLF, which I am embarrassed since then. [In 1997 E.C. ETVon its LIVE election debate transmission, Ato Bereket was asked about the legitimacy of this endowment ownership, entitlement etc……. and his reply was as clear as Mr. Zenawi, rebuff, ‘Sue us in a court’…….
Generation quest for truth will also remains as his reply, ‘which Kangaroo court shall we be lined to?’ ]


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