Meles Zenawi’s VOA blacklist & secret complaint docs released:

20 Jul

Here is the partial list of those Ethiopian government wish to be banned from being interview on VOA.

The names below are only those mentioned in a 42-page document submitted by the Ethiopia Government to VOA and Board of Broadcasting Governors (BBG) officials as “evidence” to support its complaints against VOA Amharic service.
Dr. Getachew Metaferia, Professor of Political Science at Maryland University
Mr. Jawar Mohammed, Political commentator
Mr. Abebe Hailu, Representative of the Ethiopian American Council
Professor Beyene Petros, Member of Medrek’s leadership
Mr. Hamdi Ali Regae, Commentator
Professor Paolos Milkeas, Professor of Middle Eastern and African Politics, Concordia University Canada
Mr. Ali Abdo, Eritrean Minister of Information
Dr. Beyana Soba, OLF spokesperson
Mr. Eskinder Nega, Journalist and publisher, who has been banned from practicing journalism
Colonel Tsegeye Yimer, Former army and police trainer
Lieutenant Ayalsew Dessie, exiled former army officer
Dr. Negasso Gidada, former president and interim leader of Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ)
Dr. Hailu Araya, Spokesperson of UDJ
Dr. Kassa Ayalew, Representative of March for Freedom
Dr. Ahmed Mowen, Professor at Howard University, Washington DC
Mr. Neamin Zeleke, Political activist
Professor Getachew Haile, Coordinator of Hidafe Kitet
Mr. Seye Abraha, UDJ Party
Mr. Thilo Hoppe, Member of German Parliament (Bundestag)
Mr. Bekele Gerba, Vice Chair, Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM)
Dr. Merera Gudina, Member of Medrek’s leadership
Dr. Berhanu Nega, Chair of Ginbot 7
Mr. Girma Moges, Political commentator
Mr. Aklilu Tadesse, exiled journalist
Mr. Alebachew Desalegn, London-based activist
Ms. Asayesh Tamiru, Member of Human Rights Committee in Germany
Mr. Tamagn Beyene, activist and artiste
Mr. Dawit Kebede, Managing editor of Awaramba Times
Isaias Mekuria, journalist

Here follows Full PDF fromate from Addisvoice. … cklist.pdf


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