Adoption and Ethiopia

17 Mar

Angelina Jolie first adoption, Maddox, from Cambodia brought unpleasant speech from her father, Voight.  He gave an interview on U.S. television in which he claimed his daughter had ‘serious mental problems’. His ignorant speech separated Father & Daughter for almost eight years.

In an interview later, she said Voight’s comments were damaging because they could have affected her relationship with Maddox(the Cambodian baby). Voight repeatedly tried to regain contact with his daughter, particularly after her mother’s death in 2007. And finally, with Pitt’s blessing, she responded lately, where they have been observed all, together in Italy for Family day out.

Angelina Jolie must have been the significant icon to create inspirational adore on the issue of “Adoption”; when it comes for ideal place to pick children, Ethiopia. The recent “Ethiopian Adoption policy” issue brought high attention to the international Medias. Conservative Ethiopians and concerned US citizens have wrestled to won this debate title.

While I was intending to write about the current waiver, Ethiopia new adoption policy; It came to my attention that, I have to have an interview with one of my US friends, whom I thought is relevant for this issue, with a nick name, Liz.

And; forwarded my questions to Liz:
1. Ethiopia’s youth ministry introduced, the new policy, claiming “intended to reduce instances of fraud and ease a heavy workload”.
Following that, The US State Department warned that pending applications to adopt from Ethiopia could encounter “significant delays” — perhaps an extra six month or more.
What is your reaction to that?

2. According to the State Department, Ethiopia’s new policy calls for its Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs to process no more than five adoption cases per day — about 10 percent of the caseload it had been handling.
What do you want to say about this one too?

3. If I am not mistaken, I read somewhere that the money paid by the adoptee , which is very low compared to other countries, goes to the Orphanage program, which the government has no involvement at all?

4. What Wrong-Doings have you observed while taking your children to your home?

And; on the next day I got Liz reply: [I put her reply without touch]

  1. There was a case being held 4 years ago. A certain lady ran an adoption agency, and her company was taking people children with out any legal procedures. (Mexico) This lady is now in jail for fraud, kidnapping and her business shut down. Another instance, a lady in the U.S. A Adopted a child from Russia, a little boy. But this boy was sooooooooooooo! bad, that she sent him back to Russia and relinquished her rights over the boy. She put him on the air plan by himself, with a note on his back. The Russian people were very upset due to her actions and how she sent the boy back home. You can research this information on the internet. Because of these mishaps, it has caused many delays in processing adoption paper, not only in Ethiopia but all over the world. There is no short cuts in adopting a child.
    2. I believe MOW (Ministry of Wowen), is doing the right thing. Because they play a big role in finalizing adoption cases. I believe if the case loads is reduced, they will better read more into the child’s situation, and the family that want to adopt a child and maybe see if they are a better match for each other. I believe when adoption document is handle with care, there will be no room for mistakes.

    3. It is very low. What I saw in Ethiopia, an adoption agency will request maybe 20 children and only pay that orphanage $10,000.00 -$20,000.00, and that agency will turn around and and place one of those children in a home for $30,000.00. Something is very wrong with this picture.

    4. At the time when I did my adoption, I had an independent adoption, which is no more in Ethiopia. I went through all the process, MOW and every piece of document that was to be sent to Ethiopia it was done. I spent close to $30,000.00 for two children. The adoption is in two parts, once in the child’s country and in the U.S. you have to do re-adoption. The only wrong thing I experience is that it took about 2 years before my children came home. I started my adoption in December of 2006, and it was finalized in January of 2007, and my last report from immigration came in January of 2008, before my children came home. I traveled to Ethiopia twice. spent $1,650.00 on round trip fare twice.

    5. My advice to any one wanting to adopt a child any where in the world, get ready for all the paper work. It’s a very long process and a process that takes patience and understanding.


Let me wind-up with Angelina Jolie best shoot “I don’t believe family comes from blood. Because my son’s adopted, and families are earned.”






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