Adiós Birtukan

24 Jan

Nowadays, Social net-works play a significant role in country’s politics. That’s why Tunisians in California thank Facebook for their roll in the Tunisian Revolution. When we get back to ours, Ethiopians debate here and there about politics is becoming one of the phenomenal exercises in social networks. Many facebook profile pictures were filled with Birtukan’s Free pictures before the 2nd pardon and still some folks profile pictures are marked with Birtukan’s Photograph. Many groups and forums were prepared by her name.  Everybody looks obsessed with her name and pictures.

While she was working for the federal judiciary, Birtukan was appointed to be a judge at the 3rd district court of the federal first instant court. During that time, she presided over a high profile case of the former defense minister and top ranking official of TPLF, Siye Abraha who was accused of corruption. She set the defendant free on bail, and was surprised minutes later when government authorities arrested Siye while he was walking out of the court accompanied by his family and friends. It has been reported that subsequently she received several warnings and threats from government security agents.

According to Lidetu, “Birtukan doesn’t have much story about Ethiopian politics except setting free Siye while she was a judiciary. Birtukan is just a poppet to Dr. Birhanu, who made her hero out of nothing, who can not decide or can do by her own.”. As we also recall, emotional speeches has driven her to speak what she shouldn’t and led to Jail.

Infact, it is very amateurish to think that she wouldn’t be jailed, if she doesn’t say “that” or “this”. Moreover; According to her mother gossip to Professor Mesfin, while Birtukan was on imprisonment, she claimed that she was sick and was crying for better medication. Crying is a sign of weakness. It looks like Birtukan doesn’t have any idea, who is she dealing with.

Birtukan’s latest interview with Awramba broke many hearts. Managing Editor of Awramba , Dawit kebede, who was enthusiastically waited for interview started his abruptly  triggered question for his newspaper “your supporters need to know exactly what you wanted to do to Ethiopian politics?”(it is in the form of are you still in the politics or not) And, her face was dropped as Dawit tried to put it in his descriptive writing. There was silence and staring from Birtukan for few seconds.  Her reply was kind of emotional. “What would you do, had you been in my shoe?” unprofessional reply, I presume.

News papers were questioning different quizzes about Birtukan’s Renaissance. The Wednesday weekly Sendek newspaper published its longest feature with a title “Birtukan silence”/ ‘yebirtukan Zemeta’/, .  Awramba Times, in its front page, Saturdays’s publications continues the quest with “Riddles of Birtukan”/ yebirtukan enkokelesh/. Jewar Mohammed, Professror Alemayehu & Girma kassahu take part in their strong critical analysis. Two, three years of break /Grace period/ of Political Journey is expected for her rehabilitation.

According to Dawit, while he was touring around the world, Individuals, groups were asking him about Birtukan. And, he made his first move to break the silence. Birtkukan has confirmed to Dawit that, she will deliver a public speech sooner about her role in Ethiopian politics. Dawit has made an investigative interview with her, “I heard that you asked the party to call the general assembly for leader election?”  And she confirmed him with her head nod. This reveals that Birtukan is not ready to comeback to politics. Instead helping her old mother and taking care of her daughter at Dandiboru child resort sounds perfect for rehabilitation. If our memory serves us right, when she was interviewed right after her latest release, she commented with one media that, she will mainly give focus on taking care of her mother and daughter.

As, observed from the interview between Dawit and Birtukan , Birtukan is very dissatisfied by the cold-supporters back-up. What Birtukan doesn’t realise is that, Anger can not do anything; unless she is ready to face the reality. Let alone a great rally like the pre election/ “kinjit’s rally”/ , small gatherings at the times of “elections” are becoming very difficult in current Ethiopia. The political Temperature and the stick that usually follows are the most threatening ones. The reply from officials after the strongest stick will be “untrained attack from the police/military forces”.  Infact, not only Birtukan , but also some short-sighted politicians have tried to point their fingers over the supporters by claiming  “Much has not been tried and so forth”. Incase, they have forgotten, we were dealing with sharp shooters who are trained only ……  “aim”  …….and ……… “shoot”.

Nobody has a right to pressurise someone else to take part for the benefits of others freedom. Birtukan has full right not to take part in Ethiopian politics. We should have to respect that. However; waiting her to get back for two, three years don’t make any sense. Let me use Obang Metho’s Bible quotation at Ecclesiastes 11:4

” If You Wait for Perfect Conditions, You Will Never Get Anything Done – ”

Adiós Birtukan; to mean Good-bye Birtukan.


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