Our music stage performaces

5 Jan


My profession and Music have different line of route, professionally, technically and so forth……. But sometimes; I wish, I was there (behind the scene) to help our musicians about their sounding system. For sure, no body forget about Teddy afro’s stadium Performance (post-prison performance). As an audience, I have enjoyed Teddy’s show, nevertheless, don’t want to hide my reservations as well. One of them was Teddy’s over reaction to his sound Technicians in the middle of his performance. “Don’t touch it”,” “perfect”,etc….etc…… For me the show resembled like training rather than live performance to the audience.

Hopefully, all Ethiopians enjoyed EVE of Festivals (holidays), Live Sharaton Addis – ETV show. However; while I was watching the up rising star “Helen Berehe’s…Yelebe guadegna” and the legendary Neway’s performance. I was shocked like Alemayehu Eshete music “beheleme new bewne weyes be television….”. Ethiopian Idol contesters’ could do better than that.

Vocalist.org  preferred to incline with the following statement: “……. Unfortunately, our sub-conscious tends to be pre-programmed with negatives. “I’m not ready for this audition”, “My voice does not feel good today”, “I’m too nervous to perform at my best”. Maybe our sub-conscious has not really visualised success. Maybe it is trying to give us excuses for failing before we fail in order to ‘soften the blow.”


Especially, I couldn’t stand our indigenous musician performance on Dec 2010 Night.


1. I can’t imagine musicians performing with out training. Or either you can call it, poor training. I started to contemplate and visualising their pre-performance activities. Were they that much busy picking their closes from their shopping’s? Were they that much tired on their own night club performances? How could musicians be prepared only on clothing rather than performance?

2. We are in the era, where you could assist stage performance with adequate technology. Or, Background effect could be accompanied with Disc jokes’ or other related technologies. The contemporary, best performers like Akon and others use the same techniques.

3. Professionals like Sertse, Yeshi and others should not be locked only to idol-Ethiopia TV show. They should assist stage performers too, especially on the event of such big show @ Sheraton Addis and on others.

One friend of mine chosen to comment the following “He would rather pay the minimum rate per room per night: USD 460(around Birr 7,613) @ Sheraton and watch the event on ETV 1 and 2” (of course, if Sheraton TV technical settings allows you to see ETV. As I recalled Ethiopian reporter  bluffs on ETV with the following ; (The program is meant for those who don’t have the capacity to buy Dish)

In addition, Tsedenia G/Markos, one of best vocalist in Ethiopia and the sole KORA music award winner in Ethiopia has made a remarkable interview with one of the local Medias’. And said “When other Africans perform on the stage don’t ask me how magnificent it sounds, however; when our performance began it looks like a TEMPO or INTRO” (I think it is to mean the introductory part/preparatory part).


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