Why is that Mr. Zenawi’s vuvuzela (“renaissance”) stopped?

27 Nov

Why is that Mr. Zenawi’s vuvuzela(“renaissance”) stopped? All the time, Mr. Zenawi and Ato Bereket are ready either in creating or confusing the society with their communist vuvuzela. And, in these few weeks new vuvuzela arrived, a single released by Mr. Zenawi and Composed by Ato Bereket and ETV, “Amoraw Documentary” and repeatedly presented by ETV up on “spectators request” Before and after each match and training session of the world cup 2010.

On the eve of Ethiopian millennium, Prime Minster Meles Zenawi released his single “Ethiopian renaissance” in the 21st century to make Ethiopia’s current reality a mere footnote in its long and glorious history.

And continued “It is with a sense of historical mission and total confidence in our capacity to overcome all challenges that I call upon you today on the eve of a new millennium to join hands to rebuild an Ethiopia that we all could be proud of,” Meles said adding that a thousand years from now, when Ethiopians gather to welcome the fourth millennium, they shall say that the eve of the third millennium was the beginning of the end of dark ages in Ethiopia.”

After this vuvuzela, still:

• the electoral process fell short of international commitments, notably regarding the transparency of the process and the lack of a level playing field for all contesting parties.(According to EU report)

• continuing on repressive laws such as the NGO Law restricting civic society
• free press has been decimated and many independent journalists forced to exile, jailed and etc.
• human rights violations and crimes against humanity continues
• and many more.

For Ethiopians, “renaissance” is a vuvuzela….just like it’s friends:

• Bonapartism
• Neo-liberalism,
• etc…….etc………..

Recently, China’s ruling Communist Party is being told to cut back on the use of political jargon and techniques. The order in the party mouthpiece People’s Daily addresses.

Vice-president Xi Jingping told 1,000 cadets at the party’s training academy in Beijing that jargon was a drag on efficiency. He said some “glaring problems remain in our linguistic culture”.

Much of the party’s language was developed in line with Mao-ism(old vuvuzela) , which put linguistic concepts to use in attacking pre-revolutionary culture and teaching party members.


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