Ethiopia: Folks are murmuring about tele promised services

2 Nov

The Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC) was claiming to launch its GPRS services across the nation enabling the subscribers to receive as well as send text, visual, and audio-video massages from the Internet using GPRS Enabled Mobile Apparatus. According to the report 2.146 million customers are expected to get the service accommodation. Any yet, no triumphant signals are coming out of Tele.

Folks are murmuring about tele promised services. Some still condemn tele for it poor service; when it is compared to ungoverned people of Somalia’s. However, if the corporation started to deliver the needed service promptly, subscribers will be able to read, view, and hear messages from the internet using their GPRS enabled mobile apparatus as well as send or download required message from websites using the GPRS technology.

However, access to GPRS is limited to postpaid mobile subscribers for the time being. The corporation envisages providing similar service to prepaid mobile subscribers in the future.

The charges applied by the operator will be based on the amount of kilobyte a subscriber sends (up-links) or receives (down-links) from the Internet, he said, adding every postpaid mobile subscriber will be charged one cent/kilobyte excluding registration fee of 45 Birr.

Moreover, it was said, GPRS subscribers can determine the location of their vehicle(s) after connecting their GPRS enabled mobile apparatus with another technology of Global Positioning System (GPS).

And yet, The user should have 2G (2nd Generation) phone, with APN and WAP configuration system.

Configuration procedures includes:

1. Naming the APN or “Access Point Name” as “” and activate your mobile.
2. If you apparatus doesn’t support APN then use WAP as “” and then activate your mobile.

Different mobile apparatuses have different kind of configuration system as their manufacturing companies vary. Here is a configuration for NOKIA but for further GPRS configuration you are advised to visit

Nokia configuration
Menu-setting-connectivity-chosen-packet data GPRS-packet data setting-edit activate access point or edit
Then Write APN as “” and activate.

Customers are advised to contact etc @ 0116612997 if more information is needed more than the web page.


2 Responses to “Ethiopia: Folks are murmuring about tele promised services”

  1. MEQUENT KASSAW August 29, 2011 at 5:16 pm #

    10Q for globalization tacnology service

  2. Abraham February 10, 2013 at 10:36 am #

    A connection problem during downloading ‘certificate not on sim or phone’.my cell phone type is nokia.

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